Stationary Tracklogs


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Stationary tracklogs

If your receiver has the capability of recording a tracklog based on time intervals, you may find it's a valuable tool for letting you know what's going on with your receiver. As you can see from these samples from my Legend and GIII+, the position your receiver thinks you're at varies with time. Another interesting thing about the tracks is the differences in the way in which the GIII+ and Legend record data. The waypoints from the GIII+ are scattered about wherever, while the waypoints from the Legend are spaced evenly approximately 6 feet apart in a grid like pattern. Both logs were recorded over the same period of time in my back yard. By recording and looking at stationary tracklogs from a wide variety of different terrain and tree cover conditions, you can learn a lot about what to expect from you GPSR.

GIII+ 5 second interval clear sky

Garmin Legend 5 second interval stationary clear view of sky WAAS